Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Frustrating YouTube Foray

Well, I just wasted a couple of hours laughing at YouTube clips. Not really wasted -- laughing is healthy, right? It doesn't take much to amuse me -- anyhow, my favorites were funny animal clips and hilarious bits from the TV series "The Office" (both British and American versions). Finally I selected one to embed on this blog. And FINALLY I found instructions for how to do that. Found the "Edit HTML" tab on Blogger - check! Found the HTML code on the video I want to embed - check! Copied that code - check! Next I'm told to "Copy the HTML code into your website" -- huh?!? Where?!? Do I just stick it down at the bottom of the page of gibberish, or what? Should I check out a few books on HTML from SPL now? Help!

(Wait, wait! I just read Ray's instructions and with his help, was able to add my Rollyo genealogy search box over there in the sidebar. Try it out! You might find a long-lost ancestor or two. I did! And now I'm wondering if maybe ole Ray has provided the answer to my YouTube dilemma. Can it be that the same instructions will plant my favorite video in the siedbar, too? Am I brave enough to try that?)


  1. It's great that you're looking at colleagues blogs for help with your own. Isn't it nice to have people going through the same things?

  2. You are beginning to sound like something of a web expert!