Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The "27 Things" Challenge - Bring it On!

So -- our employers are encouraging us to take on a challenge -- learn 27 cool "things" we can do on the Net between now and the end of July. Am I up to it? Mais oui...or at least, I hope so. On verra...

For the past decade or so, I've worked part time as a Library Assistant in a small public library here in Sacramento. During those years, we've seen tremendous growth in patrons' use of the public computers. Consequently, I've spent untold hours answering computer questions and helping folks do online research and solve computer problems. Which is actually pretty ironic, considering that I was one of those English majors who used to stick her fingers in her ears and sing "La, la, la!" whenever anybody talked about science or math...
As our 1st lesson about "habits of lifelong learners" points out, one of the best ways to learn anything well is to teach it to others. Thus, even though I'm older than dirt, my little library job enables me to keep up with the 21st century. (Well, most days, I'm almost keeping up, at best.) As a mom and a former teacher, I mastered "learning by teaching" years ago. A habit that may be less natural for me is the one about always keeping the end in sight. When I'm playing around online, I don't necessarily have any particular goal in mind. It's the process, not the product, that matters most. I'm just having fun! (See # 7 1/2.)

Who's the bird, you ask? That's a peregrine falcon I was lucky enough to encounter recently at the Sac National Wildlife Refuge, up near Williams. He looks pretty fierce, eh? More than ready for a measly 27-things challenge, with those sharp talons of his. Me too.

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  1. "Habits of life long learners"---before this I always thought EVERYONE was a life long learner. If not, wouldn't we still be using Beta Maxes with the "remote" control attatched to the box?