Thursday, April 09, 2009

Like Junior High, But Harder

A few eons back, when I was in 8th grade, I took a sewing class and was a total failure at it. Why? Because I was always too impatient (or lazy) to read and follow all the directions. I just wanted to skip a few steps and DO IT FAST! So I was introduced to a little item called a seam ripper. Very tedious job, ripping out seams and starting all over. That's what's happening now, with much gnashing of teeth. See the huge picture on the right -- the one of the egret looking at his reflection? Well, I was going along, following directions nicely, trying to figure out how to use the gadget or app or whatEVER they're called, that lets you put text on a photo. But the picture was too big, and I got impatient, and BLAM! it was right there, messing up my whole blog. And now I can't get it off, and the whole thing is ruined and I'm tired, so good night.

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