Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eschew Obfuscation

Last night I tinkered with my blog and chose a whole new template and color scheme. Would you believe the photo of the young woman in the header photo with arms extended is ME? You would? Okay. No, Silly, this is Fantasyland, remember? Why put up a picture of myself with those unattractive little saggy things hanging down where arm muscles used to be when I can take on a whole new identity -- and new arms, to boot? This Web 2.0 thing is growing on me.

Still looking into RSS feed stuff this morning, investigating a whole host of interesting sites I might want to select for my aggregator. (Hah! Did you get that, how smoothly I'm incorporating the new terminology?) Actually, my language deficits are presenting a few obstacles to learning. It's hard to follow directions when you have NO IDEA what the words used actually mean! Just ask anyone who has ever tried to assemble a made-in-Japan toy on Christmas Eve. Could be the greatest benefit of this whole 27 Things exercise for me may be bridging the chasm that has always separated me from those who are fluent in technobabble. I know trying to communicate with Techie folk often leads me to the verge of babbling...They're all just obfuscating, if you ask me.

Really, though, is it so necessary to understand all the terminology, or is it just that I don't want to sound stupid? After all, little kids can figure out just about anything they want to do online, with or without understanding the terminology. But on second thought, maybe I don't want to bring age into this conversation... My theory is that our brains can only hold so much -- and mine is full. Let's see, which file should I delete?

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  1. Sounds to me like you're having fun, obfuscated or not. And pretty soon it won't be babble any more, and you'll be surprised to realize you're suddenly understanding teh lingo! (Yes, I meant "teh" - it's got it's own entry in Wikipedia.)